Wednesday, December 02, 2009

simply amazing.a new chapter

THANKSGIVING 2009: one to remember!

an amazing night of thanks, remembrance, great food, laughs, smiles, gingerbread houses, family...and a night of new beginnings. a surreal moment to have my family witness the love of my life get down on his knee and ask me to marry him, the beginning of a very exciting journey for us. words fall very short of the gratefulness, the awe, the complete miracle of Alvaro and my paths best friend, my future, my partner, my FIANCE

Amber hanging her leaf telling what she is thankful for...very thoughtful idea Andrea, you are always making things special...great hosting and great cooking Dale & Andrea!

in the midst of trying to take family and group pictures....but sad to say I didnt get any 'frame worthy' snapshots on my camera, so fam, if anyone has some please send me!

"post proposal"...can you see the relief in his eyes?

oops, for every one candy we put on the houses, we must eat one too! happens with all the 'first timer's'...they want all the candy just PERFECT :)

our gingerbread house design and building team

3 works of ART

the very, very tired boys and their superb gingerbread house

Evelyn and her cute mug

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

seis meses

MUAH babe....cant believe it's been SIX months, I cant imagine life without YOU...thanks for the gorgeous flowers!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Alvaro and I took a trip to MN this weekend....lots of laughs, smiles, and good times. It was really nice to see old friends and meet some new ones, we packed a lot in and made it to Rochester, Minneapolis, Forest Lake, and Spring Valley. We got some salsa dancing in (wow, do I have a long way to go), Alvaro got his second ever attempt at bowling and his first Ikea experience....many memories and fun weekend

Monday, November 16, 2009

alvaro discovers the world of IKEA

a little restaurant we stumbled upon with the BEST tomato/basil soup I have EVER had

downtown minneapolis trying on 'special items' on for size

Thursday, November 12, 2009


those moments, do you have them? the moments where you want to stop time and LIVE in that very moment, freeze.....because it is so special, so peaceful, so serene and you want to remember it FOREVER. Ive been having a lot of those lately...and look forward to many more....

a great weekend to enjoy the out of the ordinary WI November weather

nice model pose, babe!

whitewater rapids....stevens point style!

Monday, November 02, 2009

day in EC

Jas & Amber, hope you don't mind...but I had to post...what a brillant princess she is...and I knew mom would want to watch it over and over and over... :)
a princess will ALWAYS be a princess!

Monday, October 26, 2009

so instead of Door County, last weekend was spent on my parent's couch with my mom and Alvaro taking care of me, with a couple 'outings' in the backyard for 'fresh air' and to stop what the Blaskowski's like to refer as "house a rosis"...

oops....looks like he didnt want to stay with Alvaro!

our walk thru the woods with our little friend...

cutting squash by the light of the fire :)
our attempted weekend away started in Green a great deal on a hotel called Aloft, gave me half off rate if we attended wine tasting/local artist event in the lobby...what a perfect combo. Review: very nice room, including all modern ammenities w/ 42" flat screen tv, pool/lounge/social bar all open 24 hours, trendy flare...the not so good part...people running around from 2-4 am without consequence.

Our trip was cut short as I continued to get sicker and I found myself back in Point without ever getting to Door be continued next year, ha!